Meet the Author

I have always been passionate about God and my relationship with Him. The variety of His creation thrills me as I see each new relationship, each new child, each new talent, each new way of doing parenting! I learn so much! It all reflects His glory in creativity and pure beauty. I absolutely love it. I absolutely adore Him! Such unstoppable creative genius.

I was an LPN and worked bedside nursing for about four years. Our first child arrived, and I stayed home to care for the baby after that, doing some short-term work here and there. After our fourth child arrived, I got involved advocating for families with children with disabilities.

Our fourth child was born with microcephaly, and it was a real eye-opener. There were so many things we did not know and needed to understand for his care and provision. It was like living in a foreign land and not knowing the language or the terrain.

After our youngest was also born with microcephaly, I plummeted into a horrible depression for several months until finally writing out why I was thankful for each member of my family. The black clouds of depression parted, and I hit the floor on my knees in prayer for these two little boys who needed so much. We have seen many miracles on their behalf.

I’ve journaled most of my adult life, and I like to write. I love words. I love the way they go together in unanticipated ways. Just the process of writing makes me realize that I’m in touch with the Lord. He’s always there, of course, but when I write it makes it feel like there’s something he wants to say to others. As I write I think, “This is a word of encouragement I can give to someone else.”



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